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The 'It's What We Do On Wednesdays' Quiz is an team building, Internet-based quiz where teams register as part of a company subscription or as a group of friends and take part in a challenging but entertaining thirteen-question quiz every Wednesday.

Our quiz is guaranteed to provide interaction between teams without interfering with your day to day business - and is a sure way to increase motivation and boost staff morale!

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We offer two different 'It's What We Do On Wednesdays' Quiz options for your company or friends:

  1. Company-wide competition

    With this option we set up your company in its own 'Wednesday Universe'. You can have as many teams and as many people in them as you like. The quiz is available on Wednesdays from 7am to 7pm. Team members can discuss their answers online and then, as long as they've saved their answers before 7pm, our marking magicians come along and mark everyone's quizzes and updates the leader board tables. The tables run for a 4-week rolling competition and then the winners are declared. We can supply certificates to the winners if needed.
    The cost of this is only $100 per month.
  2. Team option

    With this option you can have a team of up to eight people. We put your team into one of our eight 'Public Areas' where you compete against other companies and individuals.
    The cost of this is $20 per team of eight per month.

The ideal option if you're looking for a value for money team-building event which doesn't require time out from the office.

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